Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the second half of the Thrift

I had my hearing test at the local hospital and results were not good. I have "sudden sensori-neural hearing loss" which means I randomly lost all hearing in my left ear weeks ago. The audiologist said its in my inner ear and trying to pop it won't help.

One of the tests involved huge headphones. Sound waves bounced off the eardrum and the frequency recorded. Seeing a flat line on the left side and not hearing a single sound really got to me. The audiologist was very kind and reassured me hearing in my right ear is perfect, which is great. I have an appointment with the ENT tomorrow and based on our meeting...yesterday the next step should be an MRI. Then we talk surgery *shudder*

In brighter news I went to volunteer right after the test, which was a welcome distraction:

$4.50 for the batch

I got more books! The Raggedy Ann for my niece because even though I have about twenty-thirty kid's books for her upstairs she is always unimpressed by how ungirly they are when its time to pick a bedtime story. I read Obama's book when he was first elected and liked it. I'd like to read it again.

Doesn't this bowl look like the Waltherglas I thrifted just last week? I am positive this is the uncolored match.

Also - remember that Little People farm I got my niece last week? The first grader loves animals so much she decided it was best to keep it at her house. I figured this was a good substitute set to keep here.

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JoKnows said...

You are so sweet to get stuff for your niece! I'm sure she loves that. So sorry about your hearing results. I hope everything turns out well.

Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo