Sunday, October 5, 2014

The ear in the room

I don't think I've ever gone this long without updating but today is day fourteen of this earache. The left ear feels permanently stuffy and sounds - even clacking keyboard keys - reverberate between the two ears. Its pretty awful.

The doctor gave me an rx for cortisone pills to relax the Eustachian tube between my ear and nose but it hasn't worked yet. It does give me a temporary energy boost.

I took it yesterday before going to Rite Aid (the only store receiving my patronage these days) and since I was only a few blocks from that intermittent flea market dropped by. I picked up $10 worth of stuff including another Kosta Boda votive holder! Then I went to see my aunts who made me ginger tea. I was less than ten minutes from my brother's so I stopped by. Altogether I was away from home less than four hours but my congestion got much worse and I got sixteen new allergy welts.

I haven't unpacked that bag yet but will try to get to it tomorrow and do a real post then.

I hope if seasonal allergies are now a part of my life they will only strike in the fall. I spent so much time enjoying the garden this summer and it would be tough to give that up.

On the bright side all that eBay summer listing has been paying off. I haven't had the energy to photograph, list or EVEN SHOP for two weeks but that hasn't stopped buyers. The eBay room is even becoming respectable!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Maybe you should try a netti pot everyday and clear out your nasal passages. It does wonders for my allergies.