Monday, October 27, 2014

Style Cure: the Abbreviated version

Are you following along with Apartment Therapy's latest Style Cure: ? You can navigate it through the website or sign up to receive updates as new posts are up. I visit AT daily but signed up because their volume is staggering and I'd miss stuff.

The first assignment was to take a "style interview." I blog/think so much about design this was easy.

The AT goal is to get a room ready for the holidays but my truncated goal is ... shorter - as in this Sunday shorter. Mom will be staying in our guest room for two weeks and the room? They say pictures are worth a thousand words so here we go:

The spare bedroom is on the second floor and is pretty large. You've seen this angle before.

This is the "other half" *shudder*

Believe it or not most of this clutter are picture frames. When we moved in last year we started stacking them here in order to keep them safe and out of the way. Then we barely hung anything and they've been shuffled around as we need to reach a closet.

That closet behind the bed houses our holiday decor. It has a small shelf above it for candles and their accouterments. This is on the second floor of a cape and whoever designed it did a fabulous job of squaring off rooms by creating awkward closets perfect for storage!

This is behind the door. I think that vintage looking NJ shore picture would look great hanging here - as evidenced by my leaning it there months ago. The dead twigs are from my husband's old apt and fill in the space.

I love the built-in dresser! We currently have it filled with towels, sheets, bathing suits/winter stuff but I will clear a drawer or two for mom. The open door on the left is our bulky linen closet.

On the right is our Christmas tree, books, wrapping, Christmas presents (I shop early) and pretty much everything else we could shove in there.

There are elements to the room which I consider "done." I styled the dresser this summer and am fine with it. We had a candy buffet at our wedding and that apothecary jar was the only one I kept. Our sewing accouterments are inside.

Our ridiculously retro entertainment center makes me happy.

I like this shelf but will unclutter it a bit for Mom. She likes to spread out and right now its full of my awesomeness!

I've put in a lot of hours trying to organize this room but kept shoving whatever I couldn't find a place for on the floor. Its time to donate! See those two white poles leaning on the wall? Ikea last week because I couldn't remember if we had extra curtain poles somewhere.

The third assignment called for a 10 minute mindful makeover.

1. Obviously - declutter the floor. A lot of those frames are a lovely silver and we have talked about a gallery wall in the basement next to the dining table.

Unfortunately we had a sewer pipe disaster down there last week and it hasn't been sanitized yet. I purchased a groupon for a cleaning service which hasn't returned my call but I may have to BRAVE THE BASEMENT and at least put them on the table. In case you haven't noticed I have major perfectionist tendencies and don't like to start a project until all the ducks are accounted for but time is of the essence here! If we don't like the gallery wall there is always spackle and paint.

2. I'd like to put my old bench under the window for sitting or organizing. My husband's fantasy football trophies would look cute flanking it. Oh and that thrifted luggage rack! This would be the perfect time to use it!

3. The bed needs pillows. I had two up here but they were used by construction workers and I did not want them back. Pillows will be nice for guests and also make the bed pretty.

4. Declutter the nightstand shelf

5. Make room in the drawers

6. Hang curtains - this one is stretching it. Sure its simpler than everything else on the list but curtains would create even more visual clutter. I will be hanging sheer whites from my old place so they will be decorative rather than functional anyway.

Keep in mind - this is all stuff I want to get done by Sunday. I will be revamping the room (is any room ever fully vamped?) along with the style cure but this is stuff I need to do to keep second floor visitors out of casts from tripping and landing on metal frames.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I can't wait to see how this looks all cleaned up and arranged. I sent you an email - let me know if you didn't get it.

Sarah Wilson said...

Love the layout of this room! That built-in dresser is nifty. :) I'm going to make sure and add you to my Feedly so I can see how this progresses! There are far too many comments on Apartment Therapy for me to keep up with everyone. :\