Thursday, October 30, 2014

Style Cure #5 - Floor Plans

Yesterday's floor plan assignment was quasi-easy. The easy part is this room is L'ish shaped and the large part of the L is comprised of built-in furniture, closets, windows and doors so there are exactly two layout options. The hard part was finding a program to show the layout in!

The bottom of the AT post suggests apps, sites and ideas on how to do this on paper but I went for first. Bonus - it let me sign up using my google log-in instead of the ubiquitous facebook.

Look at the caliber of default furniture! I don't want an Eames or Barcelona but clearly the universe wants me to get some anyway. Your subtlety has won me over Internet, please send money for these fine goods through a reputable source of non-nigerian origin. Thank you.

Unfortunately their room designer tool is unintuitive. Keep in mind I have worked as a graphic designer and am accustomed to extremely careful movements. I could not make a 12'x15' box. You'd think after the room was drawn users could click to resize with the keyboard but nope - the only thing I could adjust was how tall the walls are. Cute but what I really need is a rectangle and I am not going to delve through forum posts in order to figure out how to make one. I deleted the account, marked their welcome message as spam and moved on.

Autodesk required a download and I skipped "Smart Draw" because things which tout themselves as smart are seldom intuitive. seemed the winner by default. I didn't even have to log in - just started dragging and dropping! Best of all they had a bunch of pre-set rooms you could drop and resize with a click:

Everything was going smoothly until I realized I couldn't add built-ins. I've mentioned our home is a cape but the designers did an amazing job of hiding the trademark angles with cute little "cubby closets." From the inside you would swear it was a colonial.

Kudos for having a shoerack option but negative kudos for closet selection.

Time for my trusted Publisher!

This no-frills diagram took about ten minutes and is the best you are going to get Internet, so deal with it! Also - the only things I measured were the walls/closet sizes so doors/windows/tv stand/bookcase? All guessing. Enjoy!

The room is fairly large (12" x 15") but the right side is eaten up by swinging doors and built in dresser. The only feasible spot for a bed is in the nook on the left. This is perfect because this room is never used by guests (first guest is coming 15 months after the house was purchased!) so I can ignore the bedroomy-ness when I dart in for sheets, towels or holiday decor.

The current layout is above.

This was the original layout and I liked how open the bed was to the room. However when I purchased the tv stand it became awkward as it blocks access to one side of the bed and also has a flat screen tv with its back to a closet full of plastic totes I lug out each holiday.

Studying this layout has made me realize something!

I need to swap the junk closet and the holiday closet! The junk closet has sliding doors and is about four square feet tall before tapering off (see it here). The holiday closet is slightly deeper but only has one door so every time I need to access something everything has to be removed and then replaced. Have you lifted holiday decor boxes? Plastic and glitter are deceptively heavy!

I can't believe I never thought of this - I read so much on re-imagining and making life convenient but I've been living with this lugging situation for over a year because that's where we stuffed ... stuff when we moved in!

I'm going to go upstairs right now and see what I can do!


Sarah Wilson said...

My next step was going to be opening Excel and making all the cells square and calling each one 1'x1', then drawing boarders and adding fill to build out all the furniture/doors.

Instead I decided Floorplan was close enough. :)