Monday, October 13, 2014

Stop N Shop Drop

The ENT confirmed my ear tube is clogged and suggested I order an Otovert on-line as they are difficult to find locally. They are cheap on both eBay and Amazon but unfortunately ship from the UK! I want to believe my ear will unclog itself by the time it arrives but its been three weeks. *sigh*

I youtubed this video to figure out exactly what an otovert is/does.

Spoiler Alert: You fill a balloon with air, then empty it up your nose while drinking water. Supposedly drinking will close off the back of your throat and force the air to go into your ears and unclog the tube.

It all sounds weird but three weeks. I'm ready to try anything - including trying to make this at home since shipping from the UK has to be uber-slow. The doctor didn't have any other recommendations since my GP had already gone the antibiotic and cortisone route. Supposedly allergies have been very bad this year and stuff like this happens and they unclog when they are ready.

I dropped by Stop and Shop on the way home and they still had summer clearance out. I picked up these two solar lanterns for $2.50 each. They're about six inches tall and UBER cute. I'd love to figure out how to suspend them outside for Halloween.