Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let's get back to Normal-ish

I still can't hear from the left ear (which was nice when I was sleeping on my side and couldn't hear the alarm in the am) but thanks to the Mucinex am able to function pain-free! My second course of meds are up so I'll check with the doctor tomorrow to see what I should do next. I prefer life in surround sound.
In the meantime:

$3 from the Little Thrift store

The pumpkins take batteries (MIA) but no corrosion so I hope to set them up on the stoop on Halloween.

At first I thought the purple was another Kosta Boda but they're just PartyLite. Cute.

My first grade nephew is going to be a vampire for Halloween and I may just copy him. This cape was fully lined, warm and feels more like real clothing than a costume. Sold!

We have four of these same chargers in the basement (probably from Michael's) but I was thinking this morning a fifth one would be nice as a platter for the plants I am bringing in for the winter. I need to hose down plant stands but am understandably trying to avoid outdoor allergens as much as possible right now.

Aside: See my Halloweeny books? I love those stories so much!

Next aside: Don't our hibiscuses look so sad? They've been in the basement for three days and the one on the left immediately started losing leaves. The one on the right doesn't realize anything has changed and is blooming up a storm! I need to get them off the ground so they hopefully make it through winter.

Further removed shot of the basement table. That colleus is accidentally Halloweeny!

Speaking of Halloween here is our TV stand.

Here is a pulled out shot with the blu-ray shelf my niece decorated. See our Halloweeny orange curtains all the way on the left? My husband didn't believe me last year when I said curtains change with seasonal decor. ;)

Even our cast iron plant is swathed in skull cloth. Doesn't it remind you of a fortune teller's ball?

The Pyrex bottles I decorated last year are in the same spot. Same as last year this corner photographs as if it had never been cleaned. Call it ambiance.

My Frankenstein cookie jar is on the kitchen table holding my meds. The timer on his head reminds me to take the Mucinex every four hours or I will get cranky.

So how is Halloween in your neck of the woods?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, me of little faith!

Margaret said...

Love the books used as Halloween Decor. What a great idea. Frankenstein is one of my all time faves...I think it's time to revisit that one. Gotta find the audio version. I have more time to listen (as I'm cleaning/cooking/etc), than actually sitting and reading!