Monday, October 6, 2014

Is it breakable? I want it!

Before I start - guys check out my feedback:

44 positives in one month is an all-time record for me!

$10 - My haul from Saturday's rummage sale.

They close at 4 and I always get there after 3 but these is always awesomeness left to buy.

Kosta Boda votive holder #6! I have enough to replicate that gorgeous scene I pasted last year.

Nesting babushka glasses! Aren't they the cutest things!?

The oversized bowl on the left is an Elan Buddha bowl. Pre-eBay research I was calling it a big soup mug.

The ramekins on the right are vintage Williams Sonoma and someone successfully sold multiples of them NIB for $49. I will be thrilled with half that.

My college mascot. I don't know if I liked peacocks as much before college.

This odd little dish seemed well made. Other Wilton stuff on eBay is less whimsical but hopefully it goes quickly anyway.

One of my post-eBay hobbies is googling pottery signatures. No luck on this one yet.

These may be duds but I bought them anyway. The Primula tea maker reminds me of a tea pot I garage saled years ago. That was before I eBayed breakables so I craigslisted it soon after. I have to make a gift basket in November and the vase would make a cute addition if eBay doesn't want it.

The banner on the left is for my niece and the blinking pumpkin light for the Candy Holiday!

In Ear News today is Day 15 of this infernal ear ache. Mucinex Pressure & Pain Relief work as long as I take it every four hours. I was late with my last dosage and it was craptastic.

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Diana Petrillo said...

Hi Anny--some great finds. Those Babushka (sp?) glasses are so cool, and I'd love a set of those Buddha bowls. So sorry to hear about your ear--hope you feel better soon.