Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to get details on your eBay defects

Kim asked how I got details on my defects. Easy peasy:

Seller Dashboard is under the Account tab.

What percentage of your transactions had defects is the first thing listed. I'm confused because my percentage went down (as it was supposed to after all those calls last week) but I still show the same number of defects.

Also I know my tracking says 96% but this number is undependable. USPS doesn't always dock their scanners so transmissions are often delayed. Not a big deal - it eventually catches up.

Anyway click on the little arrow on the left side of the defect percentage.

Clicking on the arrow will drop down all this information. Click "download a report" to see which items are causing your defects.

At this point I always have to log back in. Do that then click Expand to see more details.

See what I mean? This page still shows I have 6 defects. I guess I need to set aside an hour or two to call eBay next week.

What about you? How is your defect list looking?


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Thank you!!