Friday, October 31, 2014

Flipping Closets

I had my bloodwork (6 vials!), MRI and MRA today. Nothing to report beyond this was my first MRA and it made me nauseous.

Its Halloween but I'm scared of Trick or Treaters yelling at me and literally making me deaf so I didn't turn on the outdoor lights and instead stayed in eating pizza and watching Saw with my husband.

Here's how yesterday's closet flip turned out. Spoiler alert: Well!

The problem is while the "holiday junk" closet was the perfect size it was not accessible. This led to lethargy and boxes of Halloween decor on the first floor a month after they were brought downstairs.

This is the third (final) box of Halloween stuff. It made it upstairs but not into the closet (because I didn't want to navigate that floor)!

See what I mean? The three Halloween tubs should have gone in that teeny amount of space at the front of the closet but who wants to risk limbs to get there?

Meanwhile the closet across the room was woefully underutilized. This is the shredder from my old apartment and just this week I was asking my husband if we'd gotten rid of it in the move. Neither of us had seen it for so long we assumed it was gone!

See that door behind the holiday wrap and shredder?

It leads to under our eaves! The house inspector said this sheet was for insulation...or something? We're never touching it. I hope we never end up with so much stuff we have to start storing it in here.

Behind the built in dresser there are two small shelves (this closet is deep). I moved this stuff into the other closet and put breakables here.

The after of the closet is unimpressive EXCEPT - everything from the sliding closet is in here, as well as all the picture frames which were on the floor! I took the hamper downstairs to be a hamper and stuck the Christmas wrap in an old box. Its inelegant but will do for now.

I even parsed down our linen closet! The grey towels on the top shelf were relegated to donation after taking this picture. I am keeping two sets of bath towels plus my niece's towel in case she ever needs to shower here again. If we ever need more we can just go buy them.

Here is the sliding closet side. The stuff on hangers (and tub beneath) are clothes I am getting rid of during the Great Gunn Purge. My mom loves taking stuff back home so I am giving her first dibs and donating the rest. The right side of the closet has all our holiday stuff stacked two tubs deep. When mom leaves I will spread it out to fill the closet. That way I will be able to reach any tub when I need it!