Sunday, October 12, 2014

City Sale: Part Deux

Its already been a year since my brother's town had their town-wide sale! It was supposed to start yesterday but there was a monsoon. Today my husband and I headed over at noonish but prices and finds weren't that great. Maybe folks are planning to set up during the rain date next weekend but there is hardly anything worth blogging about.

The first two sales were also the first two sales I went to last year:
Depression plate - $3
Care Bear mug - .25

Next door last year I got a bath mat. This year:
Password - $2

This was the sale where I got those gold trimmed serving platters and that microwave plater heater I never use. This year:

Graphing calculator - $5
Koolaid plastic set - $1
3 glasses - .75

Anyone recognize this logo? It kept bugging me so I bought them.

The calculator came with this odd little cable. What is it?

Finally a sale I didn't hit last year!

Bag of porcelain knobs - $1
3 crystal knobs - $1

In spite of competition from China I've done well eBaying knobs in the past. They can be slow sellers but they always go.

The lady said these were originally on doors in her house. How cool are they! It makes me wish we had dinky bifold doors somewhere to use them on.

At this point we were a block from my brother's house so we dropped by to pick up my niece. At the very first sale she flipped out over the Spongebob Life game.

Games - $2 each
Microscope set - $2

The microscope is metal with a working light and came with sample slides and lots of stuff to look at. Sadly she is still six and more interested in Spongebob.

We hit a few dud sales and then I bought this teeny planter marked USA. I know its something but don't know what yet. I also overpaid for a Polly Pocket slide set but I'd said no to a $15 dollhouse at another sale and felt bad. Prices were so high!

Planter - $1
Polly Pocket - $7 (at her house)

At this point she was fussing about going home to play Life AND with her playset so we hit one more neighborly sale and went home.

4 Trivets and 1 whisk - $1

It was latish so this lady was packing stuff up to get rid of it already.

Next door:
1 bouey & 1 jumbo Halloween pen (at her house) - $1

I'm sure this is fake but it sure is pretty!

I suspended it from the bathroom ceiling upstairs. The previous family probably had a plant here but I don't like suspended indoor plants. That way leads to neglect and water on the floor.

After that we went to her house and played Spongebob Life (slightly easier than regular Life) and goofed off for a while. I love hanging out with her but don't think she is cut out for marathon garage saling (yet).

I am calling it Junkin: