Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What it sold for: Sugar instead of Honey edition

I had a very annoying customer this week. I sold compression stockings for $13 shipped so not a huge sale but I was happy they were gone fast. The woman received them and proceeded to message me FIVE times starting with:

"they are not compression. I can just report it. but prefer to do this the appropriate way."

Now the problem is neither she nor I paid attention to the part of the box which says "Graduated Compression." It turns out these stockings are tighter at the ankle instead of being tight all over.


She kept messaging and overnight asked for a half refund. So I woke up, sent her the $6.xx and blocked her (http://pages.ebay.com/services/buyandsell/biddermanagement.html). Its been years since I blocked someone but she was very annoying and every message was responded to with eBay threats.

The best part? Her user name is love_and_peace_2_all. I hope she finds it.

Some sales I was happy with:

Sold for $6.50 - hopefully the person doesn't come back with "they don't work!"

This little lady sold for $10.40 in only two days. I almost didn't get her!

Sold for $35 with almost $20 shipping. Priority shipping of course because heavy glass needs insurance!

$10 but let me tell you - I had at least five people message me asking if there were any chips or damage. I said no in the description but I guess that's not enough these days.

eBay's running another listing promotion again - this time its 10k free listings until Saturday. I relisted a bunch which had expired and am at 280 active listings. With all of these promotions I don't think anyone needs an eBay store.