Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What it sold for: Ear Ache Edition

Guys, I've had an ear ache since LAST Monday. My left ear has been host to both a hum and a high pitch sound for over a week. The doctor says seasonal allergies clogged the tube between my nostril and ear and gave me antibiotics. I wish he'd given me a mini plunger instead.

In light of the pain and distraction I haven't been very productive but stuff still gets mailed. Here's stuff I was happy to see go:

Paid $2, sold for $12 because everyone else is listing their vintage cake toppers. Not a high flip but relatively fast so I am happy.

Sold for $19.50 - I never realized black mugs are hard to photograph without looking scratched up

I think I paid $4 planning to keep this awesome frog. However my allergies have me looking at cut flowers askance. Sold for $35

Paid 7.99 but sold for $35 within two weeks. Gotta love those fast flips!

Paid .50 and after a bidding war sold for $12.50. No lights - no base - I don't get it.

I paid $1 or $2 for this LAST summer and it finally sold for $9

AND FINALLY! *drum roll*
One of those bags of buttons I paid .50 for sold for $19.50! They shipped in a padded flat rate, were easy to store and the ROI is sweet. Who wants to sell me their buttons!?

As always - buyers pay shipping on everything.

I don't anticipate too many sales this week. I have an open case I'm going to lose. This person returned a shrink-wrapped textbook a month after receiving it. Needless to say she didn't return it sealed and I don't know if the on-line code was activated, inserts are missing, etc. It was a $96 book but you guys know how this stuff goes. She opened the case through Paypal and they always side with the buyer.

Its ok, I'd rather stay home and nurse my ear than go out and mail stuff right now. Outside is loud and cold and I always need a pain killer when I get back.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You got some good prices on that stuff. LOVE the bag of buttons. I tried to buy a tin of them at an estate sale last week and the woman wouldn't come down in price. Now I wish I bought them.