Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What it sold for: Cross your fingers edition

I shipped a bunch of breakables this week so let's hope everyone ends up happy and Positive Feedbacky!

Its been so long I can't remember buying these or how much I paid. Sold for $8

Paid $1 - Sold for $65

Paid $4.99 - Sold for $46

Paid $1 - Sold for $35

Paid $1.99 - Sold for $13

Paid .20 - Sold for $6.50 with free shipping (a stamp)

Paid $1 - accepted $14 offer months later

Paid 2.99 - Sold for $13

Paid .50 - Sold for $5

Paid $2 or $3 - Sold for $20 about a year later

Paid .25 - Sold for $6.50

Paid .33 - Sold for $4

  Sold for $19.50

Paid $2 for four - Sold for $10
The fourth had a chip on the top (so weird) and the buyer paid for a flat rate box so I threw it in there as a freebie.

Free - Sold for $15

Part of a $2.99 set of three things - Sold for $9

Sold for $6

Paid .74  - Sold for $7.80

As usual, I am not listing stuff I purchased in retail stores to sell or stuff from my own personal surplus so it was an excellent week for sales!

On the downside someone bought my $6 hair ties and is happily letting this turn into an unpaid item case. Whenever I have one of these cases open eBay hides all my items and I stop selling.

Que sera, sera right?

Jerk ;)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You made some nice profits on some of those items. I had a buyer purchase an $ 86.00 item from me 2 weeks ago on EBAY and I till haven't gotten paid. Why do people do that? So annoying.