Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wh0a that's alot of pictures!

I didn't plan to buy this much stuff but when opportunity presents itself I get my muscles ready!

First up was a nearby flea market. The GPS wound me through everywhere, then I couldn't find parking, then someone almost took my spot but it all worked out:

Hobnail vase - .50
Mug - .25
Most booths were professionally run. This was perhaps the only one run by regular people selling their stuff.

.50 each
This table was being run by that church which has flea markets every other week. I thought the decanter had a logo but I think its a personalized set of TWC initials. Time Warner Cable? LOL

Two tables left I'd spent less than $2 even though I'd been there close to an hour.

Sealed dinosaur set - $2 (X-Mas gift)
Sealed puzzleball - $1
Other books - .50 each

This last table was removed from the others, I was sweating, had various mosquito bites and not much luck buying. I debated treking over and am glad I did!

Virgin Mary planter - $1
Pzatlgraff (bad spelling) "things" - .50 each
Everything else - .25 each(!)

I've always wanted a stamp holder! Its already polished and sitting on my desk :D

I know clear isn't as desirable a color but it was only .25!

I like buying dripware but ironically don't have any in regular rotation.

Not my style but for .25? Sure.

The little pinch pots will probably be a hard sale but they were too cute. And only .25!

Thanks to Lisa's help on my post from this summer I know this is Westmoreland glass! Sadly that candle holder still hasn't sold and ashtrays are slow sellers but they're easy to store .25! (broken record mode)

These were one of the first things I saw. I knew they were depression sherbert glasses and a quick eBay search told me they are Hazel Atlas poppy pink glasses from the 1930s. I love easy identification.

I may gift this to someone because its so beautiful but does not fit into my home.

Unless the label means $$$

Copper is super on-trend now but I still like it. This one is a mini pot - maybe three inches tall and perfect for a windowsill.

By now my bags were HEAVY and my car was very far away but I still stopped back at a dealer's booth on the way out. They had this Kosta for $2. I already own four others but they were all .25 and .50 so I was cheaping out. In the end I decided to get it anyway.

Paying more than I should for something I already have multiples of? I guess I have my first official collection!

Ok so by now it was around 12 and I was tired and hot but the intermittent flea market at the church was today so I had to drive over. As a bonus, the GPS had gotten me so lost on the way to Flea Market #1 I didn't realize I was less than five minutes away from the other!

$7 - the lot

The buckle says 1982.

I've already used the dryer balls. They're supposed to save money by cutting down on drying time. All I know is they are thumpy!

I picked up these planters and stands at two different tables but the ladies said they go together. They fit but I don't know if they "go." Don't you love the shape of those pots?

Still sealed. Puzzles take forever to sell but the turn over is always good.

How much do I love this made in Spain jar? A lot. I would keep it but I don't need it.

These alabaster bookends are HEAVY!

Hopefully the right buyer will overlook the chips and only see "hand carved."

The internet says I should always buy vintage buttons.

I decided to put the stuff in my car and come back to see what I missed.

$4 for the lot
The thing in the back is a wine rack I want to use to hold eBayables. I'll take a picture when its assembled.

These cute little mugs integrate the animal's tail as a handle. Unfortunately this one is chipped.

I was a 1978 baby and my mom did her hair like this so I will probably keep this little Danbury paperweight.

One of the outdoor vendors was selling plant stuff. $1 each for these clay pots and coaster. Each is well over a foot tall! SCORE!

So I'm driving to get lunch when I see a garage sale sign. Its late and I haven't had much luck at sales lately but I drop by anyway.

This lot? $4

JADITE JADITE! This was obviously the very first thing I picked up but I played it cool. I didn't even turn it over. Inside I was yelling AHHHH

I made a nice profit on a set of these AA glasses early this summer. Let's hope one sells quickly too!

Seagram holders. I just liked the coppery goodness.

This is a jewelry valet with hair brush.

Never heard of it but its sealed and vintage. AKA Mine.

I'm already selling Christmas stuff so lets get more!

This tinsel is SO vintage.

and these? wh0a Vintage.

I'll see if these fit better in a padded flat rate or a small flat rate. Buttons are HEAVY

So after that I put my stuff in the car and bought these three things for $1
I may keep the cutter although I don't craft so much anymore so I may not.

They had a few money bags but this one was in the best shape.

What a fun day! Then I came home and instead of napping handled a plumbing emergency at my parent's house. Still a fun day.

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Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Ahhhhhh! I love kneehuggers... soooo much. I think they are now my favourite vintage thing. The Return of the Jedi belt is pretty cool, too.

Thanks for linking up to Thriftasaurus this week!
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