Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Volunteering at the thrift starts again next week!

I went by today to help unpack the stuff we just packed the other day. BORING! I like organizing but we're still kinda unpacking at home and its been a year. I don't want to do it anywhere else!

The register wasn't set up yet so I took this all on I-O-U. Obviously all for the nieces. We have been babysitting the 1.5 year old two days a week and her big sister started first grade today. Apparently she is behind on reading - unacceptable! All my nieces should be bookworms!

On the way back I hit up the Salvation Army, as you do.

1.99 - Eskimo tea light holder
.99 each - Red candle holders
.79 - 3 Pyrex salad plates
.49 - Knicks mug
.29 - Turning 50 mug

The red candle holders are for our romantic pizza dinner nights. You may think they are Christmas decorations but you would be wrong as we are at Maximum Capacity for Christmas decorations and I wouldn't buy more!

Boynton is hit or miss for me but I just sold a bunch of breakables and have space to store it.

3 plates but only two were the same pattern. They're the same size so unless one is blue colored gold I will lot them up and eBay together.

I didn't realize how bad the bottom of the eskimo was until I got home. I'll research but this will probably be a $1.99 loss and for once its something I don't find cute enough to display!

That's probably it for me thrifting this week so I'm linking to Thrifty Things Friday:


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Thanks for coming to share @ TTF! :)