Saturday, September 20, 2014

Turns out I'm the only person buying Christmas stuff at garage sales!

So if I told you we were having a garage sale what would you expect it to look like?

Looks about right, eh?

Unfortunately at the end of the sale most of that stuff was boxxed up and put back in the garage. Its supposed to rain tomorrow so we probably won't be out.

So numbers:
We made about $150 and a bunch of loose change. I'd say about half of this was my own garage sale/thrifting surplus.

$1.50 was Christmas stuff
I must have been single handedly driving the second-hand Christmas resale business in my town because everyone walked right past that stuff!

Was it worth it? I guess. Mostly it was disappointing to see all my breakables sitting there ignored. I will be more careful when buying eBayables and thinking "I can just garage sale this later."