Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is my happy face

1.99 - Going to play with my niece to trick her into learning!

Remember how bummed I was when I forgot this game yesterday? Well it was still sitting there on their "hold" table when I went back this morning!

24.99 - Pier One Shelf
Disclaimer - this is not my picture

For some reason I can't determine the right size containers for leftovers or how to parallel park in under a minute but when its time to fit furniture in my car I become a depth perception ninja!

So this shelf is about six feet tall and my seats don't fold down. I got it home, dusted it and immediately carried it down to the basement where I wanted to use it as a catch all in the dining area. It looked puny so I carried it from the basement UP TO the second floor spare bedroom.

I'd been using this old etagere as a nightstand of sorts but it didn't really fit into this room.

You can't see the other half of this room (because its messy) but there are wood closets, a built in wood dresser and a wood door the same color as this shelf. Its a much better match for the room.

First a tv stand and now a bookshelf nightstand? What's next - curtains!? People may actually stay over one day if we go that far!

Oh - look at the top shelf on my Wii games shelf. LOL at my beloved House of the Deads mixed in with my niece's games. The 1 1/2 year old niece likes Brainy Baby! I keep it here because its accessible, the white case matches my games and I don't want it to spread icky dvd germs all over my blu-rays because I'm a snob.

Today was the first day back at the Little Thrift Store with actual customers. I had an IOU from last week plus these three things for $1.50. The hair clip is copper colored with wire and beads strung on it. I'll probably remove the wire and beads. Someone donated an entire cardboard display of them.

See that crystal ram? Is it Kosta? Tell me its Kosta!

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Van said...

The crystal is incredible! Great score!

Van said...

haha, my brain. I meant the shelf. The crystal is awesome, too, though.

laura sampson said...

I love the Ram! He's gorgeous. Show us the hair clip w/o all the junk ok?