Sunday, September 21, 2014

Look my perennial mums bloomed!!! Also - growing roses in potatoes didn't work for me

Last year this plant wasn't even 1/20th of this size! Look at how it dwarves everything else!

The brighter pink ones are slacking because they receive less sun but that is one healthy plant :D

Side view. Remind me not to plant so much next year. It was darling while they were babies but now its just competitive.

The hosta looks great and is growing nicely. I was concerned because the internet says everything but people eat these so nice to see mine being ignored.

The rose in a potato trick? Utter failure. Since they're already using up my potting soil I may as well leave them here and see if a miracle occurs but those look like twigs to me.

The internet insists this happened because un-organic potatoes are sprayed with a preservative to keep them from sprouting too quickly. Maybe, internet. Maybe.

Oh and the Mystery Flea Market Sedum is Autumn Joy - as Jan predicted last time. I think this type looks best potted but its ok where it is now.

Some more gratuitous mum pics:

Hey if you waited a year for these to pop back up you'd be posting lots of pics too! Right? ;)

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Jann Olson said...

Wow, your Mums really are gorgeous!! Love it when i see them so full of blooms like that. I love my Hostas also. Some years they do just wonderful. This year we have had so much rain that i did have a small bug eating problem. Thanks for sharing with SYC.