Friday, September 5, 2014

Kennedys & Giants

I didn't expect a chance to thrift again this week but when babysitting plans opened up away I went!

Wine bottle holder - 1.99
Pink Pyrex - 1.99
Tigger tie - 1.99
Wilton cake decorating tips - .99
Candle holders - .99 each (keep)
JFK glasses - .79 each
Giants glasses - .49 each
Stoneware creamer & sugar - .49 each
Westpoint mug - .29
Hersheys sundae cups - .29 each

I don't normally list ties but felt like taking a chance since facebook is always telling me to buy them. The Giants glasses match the ones I bought earlier this summer but have not listed yet. I'd never seen them before and now this is the third time I find them! Pyrex may actually go on eBay instead of a local facebook group since its shallow.

I don't know anything about picniccing with wine so wish me luck!

Cute, .49 and USA stamp seemed like a worthy trifecta

We love JFK but marketers love sticking his face on everything. These may stick around for a while.

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