Friday, September 26, 2014

I guess we can jump-start Halloween

Summer is for stagnating outside, sprinkling some shells around the house and calling it good enough. Halloween is when the real seasonal decorating begins!

My niece was over today and wanted to put up Halloween decor already. I try to hold off the "holiday creep" until the appropriate month but when I saw the shelf she'd set up I couldn't take it down:

I'd been planning to set those metal pumpkins on the stoop but now they're staying inside. Even my husband noticed how badass they look!

and soon as she left I put away the rest of the Halloween stuff. We're in September and I'm in denial of summer being truly over ;)

Anyway here are some cool pumpkin ideas I won't implement:

Can I tell you I've never carved a pumpkin?

This one is more bejewelled than my bridal bouqet!

I wonder what the early settlers would have said if someone suggested painting pumpkins instead of say...eating them?

I see this one every year and its cute. I don't know if anyone but teachers have access to generic thumbtacks anymore though ;)

A white variation on the previous black one. This is from BHG and they used hot glue, rhinestones and paint. Sounds like a dangerous time to me!


Deanies Stash said...

You've never carved a pumpkin? Is that unAmerican? LOL!! Just kidding. The shelf does look great! I am not quite ready to put Halloween stuff out yet.

Have a good weekend!

Margaret said...

I have to say that I really enjoy your writing style. You've got a great sense of humor! :)