Friday, September 19, 2014

Garage Sale Tomorrow! (and the requisite pre-thrifting visit)

This is my kitchen floor - not post-thrifting but rather pre-garage sale! Wish me luck in decluttering some of the clutter :D

Purse - 2.99
Kiddie stick on placemats for restaurants - .99
Mets mug - .49
Cabbage patch kids glass - .49
2 Cutting boards - .29 each

Someone donated about 100 of those cutting boards to the SA since yesterday. I got two because we own two and its just not enough! A few veggies quickly fill a board and my parents taught me salmonella is contracted faster than a sneeze and fatal 100% of the time. They're probably wrong but for .29, why risk it?

I don't normally buy purses but there was a huge bin of them next to the checkout line so I poked through while waiting. This one caught my eye because it was so well made and appears to be brand new. Unfortunately eBay says this guy primarily makes workmen's tools holders so it probably won't sell for much.

Ironically I've purchased more Cabbage Patch stuff this year than I ever owned as a kid!

I'm calling in Junkin':


Dawn from We Call It said...

I hope your garage sale was a big success. I haven't done one in years but keep saying I need to.