Sunday, September 14, 2014

Every time I bulk list on eBay I say it will be the last time...

Did you get the new "500 free auction-style listings until Thursday" promotion? I need it because I bought so much stuff last week but these binge listings take a long time! I only listed twelve things today - focusing mainly on easy to list mugs and stuff with UPC codes but it still took a few hours.

I like it and its fun but I would be way more productive if I photographed as I purchased and then bulk listed when the promos came around!

I'm kind of torn on what to do with these mushroom bookends. As you can see they are chipped but they are also hand carved alabaster. Each one weighs almost four pounds so they would cost a fortune to ship.

eBay isn't being optimistic - the only similar one which sold went for $5.50 but on the other end someone has been unsuccessfuly listing a pair for $89 for months. I may try facebook or craigslist just to avoid shipping.