Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do eBayers ever catch up?

I was really hoping to get AT LEAST five new auctions every day during this new promotion but it hasn't happened. I need to be more disciplined next time - even if it means *GASP* waking up early.

$5 for the lot at the little thrift store - surprisingly only one thing for eBay!

I'm psyched the water filter fits our fridge. It was labelled $1 and I wasn't sure it would fit but I figured worst case I could flip it on the Bay.

I see errant Corningware at the Salvation Army all the time but it always costs more than I want to pay. I bought a base set at Kohls one Black Friday and have been adding to it. Example One. Example Two. One of those replacement websites sells lids for dirt cheap on Black Friday so I may order a glass one for this. I already own this size bowl but two bowls - one lid? INSANITY!

I'm hoping my new Giants loungewear will turn around their luck.

Haeger has been following me.

Unfortunately someone was using this one as a planter and while I was cleaning out the glue I chipped one of the back wheels. I'll still list it but it may have just turned into a slow seller.

I also suckered myself into bringing this home to list on Craigslist for the little thrift store. Here's the thing - I know typewriters sell well and I have access to them all the time. I also know I'd never want to ship one so I don't buy them. Today I said we should list it on CG and the manager asked if I wanted to bring it home and see how it does.

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Alicia said...

I have that same exact white bowl! It's my go-to bowl for everything! Good luck with the sales!

Van said...

I love the planter! Obsessed with 'em but they're slow sellers :P

laura sampson said...

Oh nice little haul, so what's for sale on ebay the planter? Good Luck!!!