Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back in the Thrift of Things

Guys! I sold seven things today - on a Thursday! Is Rosh Hashanah an eBay holiday? These were mostly items with previous bids which ended today and only four have paid so far but that's pretty good!

Bodum - 3.99
2 Automatic watering systems - 3.99 each
2 Kid's science experiments - .99 each
Stoneware bowl - .29

What!? You really think this bowl is worth $5gizillion!? I was going to list it for $10 ;)

Oddly enough I was just talking to a landscaper and who recommended we set our lawn watering on a timer. Its been on my "to buy when on sale" list because they're normally $40ish. The other package is a 30 foot soaker hose. As you guys know from all my flower photos I plant in an L shaped area. I'd been meaning to massacre an old hose next year but for $4? I'll go with this.

I have finite time until this latest free listing promo ends and these are the ideal type of items to list - boxxed up, sealed and can be packaged together. On the downside I am babysitting my six year old niece tomorrow and now I want to do science with her! We need more women interested in science, right?

Someone on facebook says Bodum anything sells well for them. Of course they said it after I'd seen a dozen this summer and since then this is the first one I see. It has a cork coaster! Unfortunately it also has that dark grey circle under the silver band where water presumably couldn't escape when it was washed. This has been an issue since at least the 70s - why hasn't anyone fixed it yet!?

Is it because we need more women in science?

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Diana Petrillo said...

Great finds, Anny :) I love getting stuff for the house at a fraction of the cost. Happy selling!

Deanies Stash said...

Anny. How great on selling those things. Have fun finding more treasures!

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing @ TTF!