Thursday, September 18, 2014

A not-so-thrifty thrift

Remember the first time I spent enough at the Salvation Army to need a credit card? These days most of my transactions are from there! Asides from that time I bought a shelf, today was the most I've spent in one day - $26.37.

I'm going to see it as half full because I've become less thrifty and more willing to take risks!

New Skechers tone-ups - 7.99
Two-way radio - 4.99
Body by Jake - 2.99
Wedding bell - 2.99
Planter - 1.49
2 Ace pantyhose - .99 each
Chicken - .49
Whale figurine - .49
Mustard pot - .29

I saw this the other day and could not get its cute shape and color out of my head. After pinterest and google agreed on how cute plants in black planters look I had to go back for it. Had to!

This one matches the other day's tea lights. I grouped them all on eBay so hopefully that will be the tipping point on a sale.

I wavered on this figurine but her whales book finally won me over.

HOW CUTE IS THIS!? The previous owner was apparently using it as a sugar bowl because they could not read cursive.

These are a size 9. If they were smaller I would have kept them.

Let's hope this one sells quickly. Would it be too weird to call a bell a cake topper?

I haven't tried out this radio yet.

I didn't realize this was a add-on to that chair that Jake Guy was hawking 15 years ago. Argh! That's going to sit a while.

GUYS! Asides from the radio I haven't tested out EVERYTHING else is on eBay already! I have 281 live listings right now thanks to this last free listing promo:

I also took out a garage sale permit for this weekend and I can sell Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I think I will keep it old school and just do Saturday and Sunday. I am staying up late tonight listing stuff because I lost a lot of time this week to babysitting and family erranding so I'd rather have an extra day to organize and sort instead of just jumping on to the driveway.

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Alicia said...

So many pretties! In you first picture I had to keep clicking on it to enlarge because no where could I see a wedding bell! I think it would be fine to list it as a wedding cake topper. Love the whale figurine. Such as sweet delicate little flowery lady and she's interested in whales! That's awesome!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

You'll do great with those shoes!! Best of luck with your garage sale! :)

Melissa said...

That little mustard part is darling. Thanks for sharing @ TTF.