Saturday, August 30, 2014

Winding down Sales

I can't remember the last time I got up early to garage sale. Today I went out around noon because I was expecting a craigslister at 2:30 and needed to make sure my eBayables were mailed before then. Noon is a little late to find much at garage sales so I only bought stuff at one:

$3 Little Tykes slide for my niece. I hope her allergies are better next week so she can play with it!

$1 - Wash a cap thing
$1 each kid's dvds. One of the Care Bears was sealed so I listed it as part of a lot here.

That was a quick sale so I ran by the Salvation Army:

iPhone zoom camera lens - 5.99
Larger shroom Pyrex - 2.99
Smaller shroom Pyrex - 1.99
Promotional Pyrex - 1.99
Precious Moments Couple - 1.99
Glass bowl - .99
New Rubber boots - .99

These are in great shape but don't appear to be excellent sellers. I may try to sell locally instead.

I was disappointed by how poorly this one sells. A woman behind me at the Salvation Army said she collects Pyrex and has never seen this pattern. I've seen it because I visit all of your garage saling blogs! I give up trying to figure out what Pyrex sells well - unless its black all bets seem off. I may go local on this one too because its huge and I don't feel like waiting months for it to sell.

Who makes this little bowl? Its too cute not to be made by SOMEONE! I bet one of you guys know - don't let this turn into the Rurik debacle again. Remember that one? I asked you guys what it was and no one said a word. Months later I find out its widely known!

There were a ton of different PM figurines for $1.99 today but I only grabbed this one. Anything which can be construed as a cake topper sells quickly for me.

So this set comes with a special iPhone case. This lens screws on to that. There's a tripod and a carrying case and everything. How cute is that!?

I'm happily linking along to Thrifty Things Friday:


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like the PM the best. We used a similar one as our wedding cake topper. It was quite the rage in the mid 80's.

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Great deal on that slide! :)

Melissa said...

Always a good day when you get Pyrex. Thanks for sharing @ TTF.