Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What it sold for: Woot Summer is over! Boo Summer is over! edition

Looks like that summer slump is over! Between this week's sales, the latest free listing promo and our upcoming garage sale things are starting to look managable.

Paid .79 - Sold for $8

Paid $1, sold for $8 - surprised this took about a year to sell

Paid $3.99, sold for $15

Paid $3.99, sold for $30

Paid $1.50, sold for $12

Paid $1, sold for $8 - bought this at a garage sale the same day I bought those Norman Rockwell mugs ^

Paid $5 for a set of a ton of these in February, finally sold these for $20
Lesson: Buyers like mugs but disdain cups with saucers

Paid .33, sold for $9.10

Paid .25, sold for $10.40
Christmas sales have begun!

Paid .29 or .49, sold for $5

I've learned so much about eBaying this past year and want to keep my listings at about 100 quality items. Right now I'm around 250 with probably another 50 to list so its not an impossible number. I figure at least half is junk I can garage sale/donate.


EM said...

I know what you mean about saucers. I can sell them if they are old and pretty or somehow cool, but people today are just not into the whole cup and saucer thing any more. Look like you had some good sales. here's to a great fall of selling for both of us!