Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What it sold for: Slow & Steady

Ever since I decided to scan my packages at the post office sales have picked up. Its as if the universe wants me to stand in lines!

Feedback has been slow and steady too. I broke 1,400 this week. Only 3,591 until my next star!

Paid .99 each, sold for $15 - never figured out who the maker was

Paid .29, sold for $6

Paid $1 or $2 - sold for $13

Paid .25, sold for $26 to a first time bidder. Hopefully they won't be problematic about the condition.

Paid .25(?), sold for $5.20

Paid .25, sold for $7.80

Paid .79 each, sold for $19.50

Paid $1, sold for $7

Paid .29, sold for $5

I suppose its my curse of impatience but these numbers don't really seem to be worth the hassle of mailing, right? Check out the fee calculator: http://www.fees.ebay.com/feeweb/feecalculator, then factor in at least a half hour round trip drive to the post office and how stuffed the eBay room is.

I am going to try asking the mailman to pick up my stuff again. It was frustrating this winter but if its 6:30 and he still hasn't picked up I would still have time to make it to the post office by closing at 7pm. There was an article in our local paper about the AWFUL job the USPS has been doing in our town last month. Perhaps it motivated them to do better?

Here's hoping!


We are: Clamco said...

I have had people ask me if it's worth the trouble selling online when you only get a few dollars profit. Those small sales do add up, but it's those occasional bigger profit items that are what keep me going.