Sunday, August 10, 2014

My 68 minute call to eBay customer service where they make up stuff

Two weeks ago I mailed something to Puerto Rico via Priority Mail and tracking shows it arrived on the 31st. The buyer opened a case last night stating it never arrived.

Of course I upload tracking info showing otherwise.
They don't reply.

Under the old (better) rules I would have escalated to eBay, the automatic tracking reader would have closed the case and we would have been done in 30 seconds. If I did this now I would get a "defect" for getting eBay involved.

So what's a seller to do?
  1. Call eBay
  2. Receive conflicting information.
  3. Be transferred SEVEN times (in 68 minutes!)
The person I spoke with right before being transferred to the right guy TOLD ME TO LET THE CASE TIME OUT UNTIL THE 15TH!!! Then she said "as a one-time courtesy" eBay would open a "Missing from Porch" case and would reach out to the postal carrier and try to determine wether the item had been stolen. THEN they would weigh the information and decide what to do.

I put her on speaker so I could stare at the phone.

When she was done I told her this advice would go directly against what eBay suggests. In fact if I followed what she said I would be guaranteed a defect!!!
Sellers without time to read and inform themselves before calling eBay are perpetually screwed.

I wish you could have heard this because as soon as I disagreed with her ridiculous "wait and see" plan she perked up and in an "oh right I remember now" voice told me I was right! She agreed I would get a defect and that obviously I want to avoid doing this so I would be transferred to the "correct" department.

So finally Guy #8 says he has the "authority" to review cases like mine. He puts me on hold, verifies the mailing address and shipping confirmation. About two minutes later he comes back and says everything is fine and he's settled the case in my favor. In 24-48 hours the hold on my funds will be released, case closed and no defect registered.

I get eBay wants to minimize the amount of times it spends involved in disputes but this new plan? Bananas! How is my 68 minute phone call costing them LESS than having the automated system - already in place - handle it?

The stupidest part? The item being disputed sold for $11. *sigh*


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I don't know how you kept your cool for that long, but I'm glad it was finally settled in your favor.

Kay said...

Ebay wants to "minimize the time involved"? When it DELIBERATELY sets up a system to open a case (thus involving them) anytime a buyer tries to contact us after a purchase? They need to re-think this whole thing if that's the case. We all know that is true. Customer is impatient, so 2 days after the sale, she tries to contact you to ask you "Where's my item?", even though you have tracking. She selects "Item not received", and, there you have it...DEFECT. And, they get involved, like it or not, by their own system.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-ebay at all. That is just one thing that bothers me. Because it happened to me as a buyer, and the seller was very nasty to me b/c I "opened a case" before contacting her.