Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Summer Clearance for the Yard

We've had our house for a year (this Saturday!) but last year we were so busy with essential moving/shuffling/losing/finding stuff we didn't have time to enjoy the yard. This year its all about making our house awesome in summers to come!

Triple plant stand - 6.49 at KMart

Its still $20 on-line but all that stuff is 75% off in stores:

My oddball planters look like they're in danger of tipping over so I put it in the shed for next summer. I am so happy to have a storage shed devoted just to plant stuff!

See those tall plants? I thought I planted sunflowers and this one looks like its the right color but the wrong shape.

When I saw how pink this one looked I went back to my seed packets. Looks like I planted zinnia seeds instead. What a nice surprise! The third bud is closed so I don't know what color it will be yet.

See the little planter at the bottom left? Doesn't the plant cutely match our shutters?

$4.99 stand at KMart - on-line here
$3 hanger plant at Lowes - I love their Ooopsy plants section. Most of the time the plants are A-OK but due to die soon. These are annuals but today we were in the 80s all day. I wager we'll get $3 worth of enjoyment from them before the frost knocks them out.

Funnily enough the planter is way too tall for the stand and is not hanging at all. I'd debated getting a SUPER CUTE Welcome heart shaped stand but left it because it had a ledge for a plant instead of a suspension hook: It was also $4.99 in-store.

Speaking of Ooopsy plants here is one of the mums I bought last week in that oddball corner of the lot. I think I will plant the other mum here because I've been pricing potting soil to use in that planter and its EXPENSIVE! Why!? Its just dirt!

I don't know anything about that bush beyond that its ugly and doesn't bear fruit or flower. I think its on the neighbor's property but since it overhangs our area I want to start snipping some of its branches on this side. Wouldn't this corner look so much better with a hibiscus or hydrangea bush instead?

Remember the $10 solar lantern I got last week? It already stopped lighting up.

Luckily Home Depot was clearancing lanterns! I debated the traditional tall lantern shape but decided it was a fad and went for these awesome MCM looking hangers instead.

They have glass inserts I'm not unwrapping until next year. They were $5 each down from $20 and I think would also make kick ass Halloween decorations. Couldn't you see them filled with orange lights?

So the main reason I was running errands was to pick up this speaker at KMart. It costs about $23 and gives back $30 in points to KMart:



EM said...

Clearance sales are the best. I buy Halloween and Christmas stuff at 75 to 90% off on clearance and save it for the next year at my booth. Does well for me.