Friday, August 8, 2014

Lowes' Summer Clearance

See the red plant holder? Originally $15 - clearanced to $3.75 now.

Lowes carries these "suspendy carriers" in black, white and red. I looked at them when they were 50% off but thought the hook was for suspending the entire thing from the ceiling - then putting a pot at the bottom. Doesn't seem safe, right?

I looked at them again today and it clicked - you are supposed to hang a basket from the top (and presumably) anchor the bottom with something heavy. I hung one of the garage saled baskets on top and it seemed well supported but just in case I threw the rummage sale planter on the bottom.

Cute, right? I will plant stuff and set it up next year though. August is too late for gardening shenanigans and it turns out the liners for those baskets cost more than I paid for the baskets!

Although how cute would it look with a suspended solar light on the top and a BIG plant on the bottom?