Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lowes summer clearance is underway

Just be prepared for a lot of cancellations :P

Lowes has two VERY good on-line coupons right now:
10% off: 470000000021465
$10 off $50: 470000000090830

I placed a $50 order including some house stuff I needed (cement, nails, etc) and some summer clearance. Lowes' on-line stock checker is pretty awful so while I received on-line confirmation of items being ready for pick-up at 6:30ish am (they opened at 6am) I received a phone call around 8am cancelling most of my items.

I did get this cute rug for $13.xx:

Link to rugs, sort by price:!

The description says red but the picture looks orangey and when I picked up:

Yeah orangey.

This is immediately after unraveling. Not too "bumpy"

I like graphics.

So this is an indoor/outdoor rug but I think its fine for the basement. I haven't decided wether to leave it where it is or stick it under the dining table yet.

I visit slickdeals a lot and their unofficial motto is "order now, figure out later!"