Sunday, August 17, 2014

Loving Seasonal Clearance (Burlington this time)

I ran over with my aunts and picked up some nonsense:

2 Nautical placements - .48 each
This is for all the summer nautical themed meals my husband and I don't have. That pattern was too cool to pass up though.

$11 - Green lantern
I will probably return this. I was thinking of using it with my solar jar light inside BUT

$10 - Solar lantern!

The construction is flimsy plywood and the white is plastic so I wouldn't leave this out in the rain but the concept is too cool. The base comes off and has a solar light at the bottom. Attached to the light is a metal coil with teeny beaded LEDs.

I tried photographing it on the floor in the garage but you can't tell its glowing blue. I will try to get outside tonight.

Anyway I plan to hook it on one of the plant hooks I bought last week:

Didn't I say it would look amazing with a light hanging down over a plant?

I didn't buy this pretty little breakable because I picked up an unmonogramed one last summer: I stuck a poinsetta in it last year and it looked quite festive!