Friday, August 29, 2014

Idle Yard Chatter

Look at next week's Home Depot ad!!! Do you see what I see!? My $1.98 mums will be .98 next week! The hostas for $4 is a good price, I kinda want to buy some and plant them along the sidewalk.

Nine days into owning mums they are just starting to bloom. How pretty is that?

The oopsy mums finally got planted. I used the latest 10% Lowe's coupon and picked up some $2.xx planting soil. It looks like I planted it too low but I really didn't! That plant is lopsided and relaxing.

but check it out - new buds! Grow tall young one! The lopsided life is not the only life!

Unfortunately the mums I planted under that ugly bush in the backyard had all its blooms eaten last night. The internet is blaming bunnies. Luckily I grabbed that picture on Wednesday!

The one on the right is one of last year's mums. It wasn't even an eighth of that size in 2013! It has very very very tiny buds but after seeing what happened to Oopsy Mum #1 I'm not expecting a successful flowering. At least I got to enjoy the foliage all summer.

Oh and see the struggling impatiens between that overgrown hosta and mum? Next year I heed the tag's size warnings!

My non-sunflowers are so pretty!

I would plant 1000 of these next year if I knew the bunnies wouldn't eat them.

and here is a side view of the sitting area right after watering tonight. Can you tell my two favorite colors are green and red? I really love it out here :D


Margaret said...

Those few zinnia's will yield lots of seeds for you for next year. I grabbed some dry zinnia heads from a parking lot last year and have tons of amazing multi-colored zinnias this year. And I'll have like millions of seeds for next year. LOL