Saturday, August 16, 2014

I wasn't feeling well and I had a lot to do but I still thrifted!

Garage sale on the way to pick up a handyperson who was going to do work on my parent's house:
$1 - each dvd (spoiler alert: I sold my last copy of Beauty & the Beast this week)
$1 Ceiling fan remote

The lady said she bought it without realizing in order to install it she needed to hardwire this part into her ceiling fan. I'm hoping we can hook it up to our bedroom ceiling fan. We keep the door closed to maintain optimal darkness but the rising sun makes it warmer than any other room by the time we get up. That temp control button intrigues me.

While stuck in traffic on my way back from borrowing a construction lamp from my brother's house I saw a sign for a garage sale where I bought a sealed box of diskettes for $1.

So vintage.

By now I wasn't feeling so hot so I came home. My husband took pity and drove me to complete some other errands including one near that every-other-week rummage sale I adore:

.50 a game is awesome!

I can't figure out if this is Korean Monopoly or Knock-Off Koren Monopoly.

I was surprised by how poorly this does on the 'Bay


Quirky enough to sell?

.10 for something 75 million years old? That seems like a bargain to me.

The two candles are for these sconces. Have you priced candles in stores? They're at least $1 each - even when unscented! As if!

I know metal candle holders are tres cliche but this one reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright and I love anything which does that!

I am linked to Sir Thrift and his 100th anniversary:


Margaret said...

I've gone thrifting quite a bit lately, but not garage saling. We've been so busy on weekends and out of town. I miss just driving around. This weekend I won't have time, but hoping I can find a few next weekend? Funny, winter's not here yet, and I already miss garage saling! LOL

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like FLW too. I've actually toured his home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois. If you're ever in the Chicago area, it's a MUST -do- It was fab!