Saturday, August 2, 2014

I never thrift here on purpose

GUYS! You know how I rush to mail stuff so eBay will keep giving me shipping discounts? I print the labels on a snazzy laser printer but its for naught cause guess what? The post office has trouble scanning the barcodes!

In order to maintain our discount 90% of sales have to be mailed within 24 hours. 100% of my stuff goes out in that period. Unfortunately eBay only shows 91% (YIKES!). I didn't even notice until Wednesday because I had a package with about an hour left on the 24 hour window so I asked the guy at the counter to scan and he had a really hard time. He scanned at least ten times before it finally went through.

I figured from now on its all counter drop offs/scans for me. Yesterday the clerk just gave up and keyed in the numbers! I don't know what's going on but my drop offs are about to take exponentially longer since we all know how badly the USPS picks up my packages.

In happier news that errant rummage sale I've been to a few times this summer was open. It closed at 4pm and it was 3:05 but I got some neat stuff:

$2 - Pilsner glass, plant stand, Ikea planter, 4 legs

There were a lot of breakables but I'm at capacity. This one was too cool to leave though.

These legs are about a foot high. It looks like these originally came with (or were made for) metal feet caps. I'm all right without them (unless the universe sends me some *hint *hint*)

The wood looks very clean (for something presumably low on the ground) but the screw portions are old and rusty. Old new stock? Either way, I'd been kinda/sorta looking for legs.

The plant stand is holding our Formerly Underperforming Coleus. Its more than doubled size in less than two weeks! I previously had it on the metal camping tables but it turns out a wet flower pot on a metal table is a bad idea. Whodathunkit?

Since I was out here I took some photos of my other containers. That allysum is the world's slowest growing plant and its leaves look like weeds.

I will reserve my opinion until its in full bloom but so far I'm unimpressed.

Hey remember I potted one hibiscus in a pot a step larger from itself and the other in a larger pot? The one in a pot only one step larger has noticably smaller blooms now. They were identical when purchased.

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