Monday, August 11, 2014

I bought SO MUCH stuff!

After that self-imposed restriction on thrifting last month (too much stock, not enough listings) its nice to go buy too much stuff!

Salvation Army:
Ball jars - .29 each for 12 Pint jars
.49 for the 4 larger jars

I am going to put these on Craigslist and the facebook group and anticipate them going quickly. Ball jars are crack for crafters.

Then I made 4 different transaction purchases at Goodwill! Since I had such good luck the last two times I dropped by again.

Transactions 1 & 2:
Jadite mug - .74
Crystal bowl - 5.99
Seed planter - .36 (my second transaction since I saw someone left it after paying for #1)

Hopefully its worth at least $30

I like the pattern, its insanely heavy and I never see black crystal.

Transaction 3:
After realizing all color tags were 25% off I picked up

Target rattan chair - 8.99 (pictured below)
Large Pyrex - 4.49
Medium Pyrex - 2.99
Smaller Pyrex - 2.24

I hope to flip the Pyrex locally too. eBay is swamped with the stuff!

Transaction 4:
Rattan planter - 22.49 (left)

The planter is rather pricey but I figured if I had the chair, I may as well get the planter too! Turns out it originally sold for $50 at Target so it wasn't an exceptional deal but it matched the chair - probably because they are both part of the Target overstock this store loves selling.

The inside has a brown insert, which can be lifted out. My husband initially thought it was a trash can. Pshaw.

I set them all up in an akward corner of the yard between the air conditioner and the fence. Its where the overly cheerful drying picnic table has been until now:

Wouldn't that make the saddest eating area? LOL

That area should look cheerfuller next year with a low maintenance plant hanging there. Maybe a crazily thriving colleus:

The tag said they would grow up to 12" in height but mine must be leeching strength from all the other plants they've dwarfed.

I even let them start flowering to stunt growth. LOL

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Margaret said...

Pyrex is usually really expensive at my thrifts. But sometimes I'll luck out and find some that are inexpensive. But i usually keep it for myself. I haven't found any that sell for much on Ebay. Do sell them local on FB?

I love the coleus. It's a favorite annual of mine. I buy them in all different colors. They are gorgeous. I like perennials best though. I buy the coleus each year and I save my zinnia and marigold seeds for the next year. Love all three annuals.