Monday, August 25, 2014

I bet the cashier at SA thinks my house is southwestern vintage

I can't help if I always tend towards pottery and blues!

Wii Fit game - 1.99 - I was just looking for this this weekend!
Chicken Little dvd - 1.99
Jelly Belly jar - .79
Pottery bowl - .79
Pizza pan - 1.99 & matching small bowls - .49 each

The bowls were there last week but small bowls are a slow sell for me. Let's see if a matching pizza pan makes them more desirable.

At first I thought it was a candle holder

but the bottom says candy dish and has an expiration date. How gross would a jelly bean pie taste? Prognosis: Very

I'm just drawn to this color pottery

This looks like the symbol for Scorpios. Other than that I got nuthin'

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sooz - said...

I hate to think what the cashiers in my local second hand shops think my home decor is like (They'd think it's full of strange retro animal figures and they'd be right!)