Thursday, August 7, 2014


Back in December, when I'd started thrifting in earnest I bought a bunch of small jadite goodies for $5.99. This was when I was an optimistic newb because I figured I'd find the matching dinner plates "any day now." Cue almost exactly 8 months later and I found my next batch:

4 Salad Plates - .99 each
2 Soup bowls - .99 each

Don't worry - I didn't dishwash these! I use the dishwasher as a drain for my thrift store buys since I don't like sticking them with regular dishes even after they're clean. Weird huh?

Which is more shocking -  that they sat on the counter for two days OR that a grade schooler apparently used these for baked goods? She'd better have gotten a hefty price as these plates are way cooler than any baked good.

I don't have much experience with Jadite but folks always mention color variation. This one definitely has darker spots although its only evident from the underside.

Maybe I should drop by Goodwill more often. I only happenstanced because my afternoon plans fell through and I was kinda nearby anyway. I did buy that Kosta Boda holder I'd always wanted last week at the same store.

Its a weird store. There was a guy with a handheld scanner scanning every single cd (I spied once I realized he wasn't an employee pricing stuff) and the customers are an odd mix of people getting off the bus and import cars in the lot. I'd say 70% of their knick knacks and home stuff are Target rejects - sometimes with cheaper orange clearance stickers than the Goodwill prices!

Should I eBay the jadite? I kept the last four bowls and salad plates (eBayed the tea cups and saucers last year) and they are the same pattern. Do I really need eight salad plates and six bowls though? Its not as if I were going to decorate my house with it:

although how lovely is that!?

I'm so late I almost missed sharing at Sir Thrift's:


Alicia said...

How come I never find anything like that! They are beautiful. I would keep them but then again green is my favorite color!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I would love to just find some jadite, but I have yet to come across any yet thrifting. I think it's beautiful, but if I did find some at the right price I would ebay it since it doesn't match my decor.

Jenn said...

One of my Goodwill stores is really bad about pricing stuff higher than Target sold it for. I once saw a bedding set with a clearance sticker of $20 on it that they had priced at $99.99! The other closest Goodwill is apparently the reject store because I almost never see Target stuff there unless it's the holidays.