Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of Summer Clearance at Rite Aid

Seasonal clearance is my favorite of all the clearances! Rite Aid doesn't go to 90% off so for the best selection go as soon as they mark stuff down 75%

$12.49 - Glass table

I'd been eyeing this table for a while because it was $30 on sale a few times. Unfortunately it wouldn't have fit in my car. Today? We were in my husband's car!

Other tchokes:

2 Sets of 3 mini candle pots - 2.49 each
Blue candle holder - 1.49
Mushroomy water feeder - 1.29

The candle holder had a tea light holder suspender which kept popping off in the store. Now I think this was never a true pairing and someone just stuck it on there.
Update: I bent the wires and its fine.

My favorite colors? Green, red, cobalt blue :)
These six little pots will look SO CUTE next year on that mini triple plant stand I bought last week.

I didn't notice this crack. Think they'll accept a return? If I try pushing this into soil it may just shatter.
Update: They accepted a return.

Here's stuff I didn't buy but thought was cute:

These are the candles which made me realize the one from the little thrift shop was a vase. If they had been citronella scented I would have been all over these. They were 3.75.

This is solar powered and $5 now. Its cutely tempting but no.

Not for me but I bet a lot of Rite Aids have these left over. My store had a display model set up all summer and its very comfortable. This trio for less than $40 is a steal.

All summer themed candles and holders. I like the sand color one with a starfish in the back the most.

Photography is my original love but birds (and subsequently bird houses)? Poop. Where I walk. No thanks!

This doesn't look too different from the last time I photographed it, right?

What about you? Find any good summer clearance?