Saturday, August 9, 2014

Drive By Saling

I had to get my hair done for a wedding this afternoon but somehow managed to thrift anyway!

Salvation Army
Longaberger basket - .99
Pooh cake toppes - .79 each
Vintage McDonald's glass - .49
Asian funny face cups - .49 each
Felted Noah's Ark kit - .29

The basket looks like it was deliberately left with edges like this. For the price of these things I'd expect machine precision! but you know - hand made

Any idea what language this is? Me neither.

There were SO MANY garage sale signs but I only stopped at one which was right on my road back:

$1 - Mets mug, board book, plate holder

A plate holder was one of those "nice to have but not critical" things. I will use it to prop dvds and even plates for my auction photos. Until now I've leaned them on the wall and picked them up. A lot.

The board book has flaps and textures. My niece is 1 1/2 and just starting to like books so she will probably like this.

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