Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dear Internet, did you know you could spray paint Little Tikes furniture?


SO at the end of June I bought a $2 garage sale table for wee ones:

I also bought a $5.79 can of spray paint that has been on sale for $2.49 ever since.

Yep, I got the difference refunded.

I didn't do anything for over a month because I didn't want to hose off the table, spray paint takes forever, it gets everywhere, it runs, it was always windy, my nieces may not even like it, etc etc etc.

Then I was walking outside last Friday with the 1 1/2 year old and she waddled over and sat down on the grody, sun faded table! Well if she was going to sit, I was going to paint!

One coat. Pretty good already! I was careful to stay at the recommended distance and paint thin coats instead of globbing it all on.

The can said to apply a second coat within the hour so I did. Then I threw it in a sunny spot and left it alone since a full curing would take 5-7 days.

Both nieces were over on Tuesday and they immediately ran to sit on it. The younger one climbed on top of the seat, then on the table. I made them both get up (5-7 days remember?) and we ate at the regular table.

I figured it was close enough to 5-7 today and flipped it over to get some of the overhanging spots you could see standing up.

Unfortunately flipping it on the grass resulted in a few knicks on the surface. Actually, I don't know if it was the girls sitting/climbing on it which caused the problem. The full 5-7 haven't passed and this paint says it will bond to plastic but isn't specially made for it.

I used about 75% of a can of paint but if it doesn't stick correctly I'm not going to bother painting the underside. Pink and orange are complementary, right?

I'll update after a full week have passed and a toddler has used it!