Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What it sold for: everything zen edition

Some of my old Walgreens stockpile finally went! Only seven sales from thrifting/saling but I'm ok with that. I'm also forgetting how much I originally paid for some of this stuff. I could look it up but its not worth it. I'm taking it as a positive sign that I'm being less controlling and micro-managy :D

Paid .25 or .50, sold for $4.50 about 7 months later

Paid .50? sold for $7.80

Paid .50, sold for $13

Paid .25 or .50, sold for $6.50

Paid .49, sold for 23.50 (I knew I missed the big demand on these)

Paid $2, sold for $15 almost a year later. I'm really surprised - I expected this to be a quick sale

Paid .49, sold for $7

I'm content with this many sales in a summertime week. After all I'm competing with garage sales where I got most of this stuff from anyway!


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Nice flips, Anny. Yes, it seems the BIG HUG MUGS are losing their value. I sold one a few months ago for $29.99. Maybe they'll pick up again once the new season of True Detective starts.