Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ugh don't go in the eBay room!

Hey does that look familiar? It should because its everything I thrifted in July!

I photograph on that silver table (my old desk). In the back corner is my kick ass black scale and the white orb is my ambient light.

Nothing else should be on that table.

The problem is when I thrift and wash stuff downstairs I take it up to this room and set it on the table to photograph. When I run out of space on the table I put it on the floor. When I don't get free listings it becomes...that.

So today instead of saling I took some photos for the free listing promo and tried to organize a bit.

Now you can barely tell but all the way to the right side of the picture is a generic five shelf...bookshelf. Right next to it on the floor is a 15 cubby shoe holder like this:

This shelf is great for mugs because it has 15 compartments but I can fit three mugs in each one. If the mugs/glasses are thin I can even fit little tchokes next to them too. As I list I move stuff off the table/floor and unto a bookshelf or that cubby.

I need another cubby shelf in that exact size to put on top of it. Right now the space is being wasted by a sideways box from our move last year(!) and it has the structural integrity of...a box on its side.

Even more tragic is the "three shelf" next to it made up of three boxes on their sides. That one is being held up by my expectations.

A crappy little thin shelf would fit perfectly and be a good place to store "to be listeds." Throwing stuff on the table only works until I need to move it on to the floor to photograph it anyway. Plus once an organizational system is in place I am discipled enough to say stuff like "that shelf is full, I either photograph or stop shopping!"

My husband and I will be out of town from Monday-Thursday so I haven't decided what to do with my auctions yet. Unfortunately I can't take 200+ items on a road trip and since I don't have a store I can't just set everything on vacation. I also don't want to sell stuff and then deal with dings for slow shipping.

I think I'm just going to list as much as I can tomorrow, then remove all the "buy it now" options. When I get back I can tackle better organizing this room. There will always be free listings!


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Love the cubby shelf idea for mugs!