Friday, July 18, 2014

Some pre-weekend thrifting

I've been looking for a small bench or skinny chair to put in our mudroom/hallway which is about three feet wide and full of recycling containers and shoes. I'd rather sit and put on my shoes than brace myself against the wall.

Alas this $3.99 ottoman is not the solution. Its too low and the top is soft so eventually I would end up sunken into it. It sure is cute though, right?

2 Ikea brackets - .49 each
Sugar & Creamer - .99 each

This set was at the SA for over a week. I kept looking at it because I love those colors but I haven't been able to sell any pottery lately. The sugar lid finally convinced me to get it - how cute is it!?



Anyway the shelf brackets are because I have plant stands on my mind. Here are a couple which caught my eye:

Copper wire bracketted unto wood:

Mid-century inspired DIY stand:

I checked those legs and plates at my Lowe's and am leaning towards replacing the plastic wheeled one in the living room with one of these. The legs were about $5 and the plates about $1.60 so even with three legs and a coupon for the wood round it would cost about $25 to make. The upside is I could take the wheeled one and set it outside under the hibiscus.

We'll see, I have a lot of projects floating in my head.

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Diana Petrillo said...

Some great finds, Anny. I love the ottoman--too bad it's not going to work out for you :/ The sugar and creamer set are lovely--nice colors and shapes. Happy Week-end,

Jann Olson said...

Great pottery! I don't collect it and can NOT start a new collection, but sure is pretty!

Melissa said...

I love the mid-century inspired plant stand. Go for it! I'd love to see the results. Thanks for sharing @ TTF!