Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saling: the Lazy edition

Next week is my town's citywide garage sale so I didn't look for garage sales today. This one was a few houses away while I was driving to errand.

Garage sale: Harry Potter Clue - $1

Salvation Army - .29 each:
Baseball cake topper
Vintage photo album

I need to stop buying stuff just because its in vintage packaging. I never used to do this before blogging!

I *LOVE* this little album. It holds the old fashioned 3x5 rather than 4x6 pictures so I gotta see who will still print this size.

I bought the Harry Potter to flip but now I want to play it. The details are BANANAS!

All the pieces are so cool.

Yep, lose an ally.

The packaging is kind of dull so check out what did - they crafted a wooden box, quill pens and little boxes inside to hold it all together. Nuts.

I'm quietly sharing at Sir Thrift's since its such a small haul: