Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rite Aid Planters are Just Neat

I mentioned the other day I'd trimmed all the yellow foliage from troublesome hibiscus and it had new growth - including new buds. Well check it out:

Now that life seemed to be restored I decided to repot it:

The pot is one step up in size and exactly what I needed according to the internet. It came as part of a set of three for $15:

I'd been shopping around for a larger pot for a few days and those things are unduly expensive! Every garage sale and thrift store has small pots but the larger ones are hard to come by. Luckily I had to run into Rite Aid with my niece and saw this set one a top shelf. There were about 30 pots on lower shelves but they looked like this one and this one.

Nice and colorful but I'm a mellower person.

Its a good variety of sizes for $15. Summer clearance normally starts at the end of July so these will go down to $7.50 for the trio.

I planted our only underperforming coleus in the small one. Hopefully my fussing will kick it into overdrive.

I repotted the other hibiscus into the large pot. This pot is too big for it and its heavy to boot. I don't have a saucer large enough so I set it on a crate we use for recycling for now.

Here it is double bloom on Tuesday:

I still don't know what the flea market plant is called but it appears to be healthy and growing:

Dusty Miller continues to be a favorite of mine. Anything which looks this cool in 90 degree weather is ok by me:

and some lush coleus:

These are from the same flat as the underperformer but received more light.

I was at Lowes earlier in the week and they had the four foot tall hibiscus trees down to $10:

I was really tempted but trying to keep my smaller ones alive this winter will be hard enough.

This amazing trellis/planter was about four feet tall and also on clearance:

I could have gotten it home and I really kept debating where I could put it and in the end left it behind. Is it me or are stores clearancing summer very early this year?


Alicia said...

Those are all so pretty. My sister hasn't had much luck with her hibiscus and she ordered them on QVC, guaranteed to bloom and so farn not so much! I'm kind of scared to spend money on one of my own. Are they full sun plants? I never thought about growing it in a pot. Yours are all very pretty.