Monday, July 7, 2014

Lowes has trees up to 75% off

I'm not ready to commit to a large tree (and the subsequent mowing around it but these darling little Hibicuses for $5 each? Sold!

All the ones at my store were about to flower:

The internet says they require daily watering when flowering/summering so I am going to keep an eye out for another one of these auto-waterers:

I think this one was .50 about two summers ago. I am currently using it to water the lily because its pretty and I like looking at it but the lily doesn't really need it.

So here is the current set-up past the hammock. This was taken right after I bought the plants home so the hibiscuses are still in their red containers. The internet says they like being rootbound so they may stay there. Those chairs are being decorative right now. We have nicer ones with plush cushions inside the garage for when we actually sit out here. These are the more decorative, "let the sun hit them and birds poop on them because I don't care" chairs. You have those right?

I prefer the hammock anyway.

This is the non-excitement going on inside the planter. I planted alyssum NINE DAYS AGO and all I have to show for it are these miniscule little nubbins. Even the begonia looks sad.

By my calculations it should look like this by now:

Here's a link on slickdeals which links to the Lowes plant clearance page although with stuff like this the website counter is not always accurate:


Van said...

Oh I may have to check that out, I'd love some tropical trees for the casa :D Need some green in here.