Sunday, July 13, 2014

Keep on sale'ing on

The weather was so muggy today! My aunt and I had made plans to errand so I took my time dallying to her house by stopping at a few garage sales even though the dishwasher looked like this today:

Don't worry, I hand washed everything. I just dry it here.

First I swung by the block that had about seven sales yesterday but only two were left:

.50 - pitcher & creamer pair, bathroom curtain rings

I saw these for $2 yesterday and if I'd needed them I would have gladly paid it. These are the smoothest rolling rings ever. I couldn't pass them up for .25.

This was Pyrex jar's garage sale.

$1 - Jet's glass, Dansk mug, milk glass candle holder

Recognize the Jet's glass? It matches the 7 I bought from her neighbor yesterday! Now I can eBay two sets of 4 glasses. I asked if she took it from him and she looked shocked. Ha!

Lisa identified this as Westmoreland glass. Thank you!

Then I dropped by yesterday's estate sale. Without my aunts I was better able to dig.

$3 - 5 mugs, Giants pennant, cleaning gloves and a hose nozzle.

I'd been planning to buy a new nozzle and cleaning gloves later today with my aunt. Our hose nozzle is too rough on the flowers and cleaning my dad's basement the other day left my hands cracked.

This mug originally had a $10 estate sale price tag. $10! At an estate sale! eBay has them going between $8 and $20.

The WAR EXTRA at the top reminds me of The Office episode when Jim and Pam have a baby who is born a day late. Their co-worker had framed the newspaper from the expected birthdate with Spring has Arrived as the lead story. Since the baby was a day late the actual headline was about the local serial killer being on the loose again.

You know those novelty Coke glasses you see at every garage sale? The only one I ever purchased retail was from White Castle. I do crave them.

Anyway since $3 was such a crazy good price I decided to go back and poke around some more.

$5 - 4 NWT shirts, 2 hats, Bandaid tin, spackle knife, paint roll cover, glass lid

I was hoping the lid would fit my Corningware but alas. I was spackling the other day and mine was infuriatingly small. The paint cover is for my constant forays into painting.

Facebook keeps telling me vintage Band-aid tins sell quickly. Since eBay has not given me any free listings lately I will have to wait and see.

There were a ton of these playoff shirts there but I am not a good sports fan and just picked up the ones with tags. At worst I figure my dad (who owns a farm) can give them to his workers when doing really messy work.

There were also a TON of brand new Harley shirts. I know I'm supposed to pick up anything Harley but they all had dates and events on them. I thought this one didn't but when I got home saw this on the back. Apparently Harley owners can't go anywhere without purchasing the commemorative shirt?

Here is our Giants penant hanging on the side of the basement stairs. After putting it up I realized the top was a little dusty so will have to google how to clean it. Maybe all it needs is a vacuum visit?

Here is my new spackle knife behind my original one. I had one from my dad but it was quite rusty so I chucked it when I bought this one - only to have it rust right away too! The estate sale one has some rust so maybe its just one of those things *shrug*

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Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I got a message about eBay free listings coming up, never read it yet though! I only went to White Castle once... it was in the Bronx.. we got off at the wrong subway stop & we weren't warmly welcomed, lol.

Lisa said...

Hi, I have come over from Sir Thrift-A-Lot. The candle holder marked with a W is Westmoreland glass :)

Anny said...

Thanks Lisa!