Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Its a Kosta Day!!!

Goodwill - 2.99 Kosta tea light holder (keeper)

I debated this very holder at Marshalls last fall when they had it for $20 clearanced to $10. I'm glad I didn't get it! I was near the goodwill dropping off some craigslist kids dvds. Double glad I ran in :D

The day brought me near the Salvation Army (as usual):

Snowglobe - 1.99
Lenox vase - 1.99
Kosta pillars - 1.99/pair
Gooseberry - 1.49
Boussu...something - .99
Kids dvds - .99 each
Godinger spreader - .49

Lenox is a slow seller for me but these cuteys are worth it.

The last Godinger I found were those tarnished candle stick holders no one wants to buy.

This is super heavy, detailed and has a peacock so I bought it anyway. I almost wish I had a need for one but my knives are unitaskers.

KOSTA KOSTA! I am going to send these to eBay so the universe will send me more Kosta :D

That's how Kosta balances itself out, right?

This plays "Joy to the World" and came with its original box complete with styrofoam. We'll see how I end up selling it.

What is this? I figured googling Boussu would tell me but nada. Its a crystal cube about 2" on each side with a small opening. Did I buy another bud vase? Or did I buy the world's fanciest pen holder? It would have to be a pen who's coolness level approximated my silver Sharpie.

I'm glad to report all the stuff I bought will have a safe place upstairs! I listed a lot (not all), cleaned up and bought a shelf from KMart:

It was only $15 and it came with a door I don't need. I forget stuff I can't see and forgetting what I buy is a bad idea!

It looks overly crowded but its already better than a week ago because I can walk around now! I am still on the lookout for another 15 cubby shoe holder. Even Amazon wants me to buy the larger 25 shelf. I guess if I got a 25 cubby I could put it under the window and stick this 15 cubby one under the table.

Or maybe everything will sell overnight and my needing to organize storage will be a moot point!

I am sharing with a living space:


Ruthy Jenkins said...

That tealight holder is gorgeous!

Good luck with selling stuff and clearing more space x